1P-LSD (150 mcg Blotters)


Buy 1p-lsd (150 mcg blotters)

1p-lsd 150 mcg blotters for sale classify itself under a group of compounds generally called hallucinogens. This psychedelic research chemical drug has an analog structure to that of LSD and a homologue structure to ALD-52. From its name alone it shows that this drug comes from the synthesis of LSD and shows same effects. Scientist simply synthesize this drug by including a new propionyl group on the N atom. Chemist and scientist in general mainly produce this drug because of its similarity to LSD. 1p-lsd blotters generally sell today mainly for getting high and having that classical psychedelic effect. The 1p-lsd 150mcg blotters however have other uses apart from recreation. For research purposes, this chemical drug has molecular mass of 379.5g/mol and equally a formula of C23H29N3O2. 1p-lsd wholesale at vitality research chemicals.