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Another cathinone we present to you is the research chemical 2-aimp drug for sale. This relatively recent research chemical serves mostly as a designer drug today. The name 5-methoxymethylone of this drug better explains its origin and molecular structure. From this name you see that it comes from synthesis of methylone and has adjustments at the 5 atom. It also represents another version of the 5-methoxy-mdma drug, more specifically the beta version. Some researchers refer to it as a methylone analog while others rather call it a substituted cathinone. Others also call it by another more structure based name, βk-MMDMA for sale. All these names boil down to one drug, 2-aimp crystal for sale. 5-methoxymethylone for sale has a formula of C12H15NO4 with a molecular mass of 237.25g/mol. Buy 2-aimp designer drug from vitality research chemicals.