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3-fluorophenmetrazine for sale represents the full name of the 3-fpm chemical substance for sale. Users refer to this drug using 2 other names; 3-FPH for sale and buy PAL-593. This new research chemical drug shares many characteristics with amphetamines and also happens to share close relations with phenmetrazine. 3-FPM for sale also has similar characteristic structure and chemical properties but differs by rather having a fluorine substitute. 3 fpm for sale online behaves more like a phenyl morpholine stimulating drug. 3-fluorophenmetrazine for sale today sells mainly as a research chemical and designer drug. Not enough research happens to find out the effects of this designer drug. However, researchers generally accept that it gives psychotropic effects. 3’-fluorophenmetrazine USA wholesale has a huge potential in numerous research fields like neurology and forensic analysis.