A-PVP for sale

The research chemical A PVP represent comes from the cathinone class but hails more as a designer drug. This stimulating research chemical has a full name of α-pyrrolidinopentiophenone for sale. The structure of this drugs shows that it has a very similar structure to pyrovalerone and also prolintane. This makes it belong more specifically to the group of substituted cathinones like 4-cec and 3-cmc.  A-pvp for sale dates back to the mid-20th century more specifically the 1960s. Furthermore today it sells more as a party drug under the street name flakka. Although it sells mostly in recreation it still has potential as a medical drug or even an important forensic chemical. For this reason Alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone for sale generates interest from both scholars and chemist. A-PVP for sale has its formula C15H21NO and also a mass of about 231.34g/mol.