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Methiopropamine for sale came is a new designer drug which came to prominence in the 2000s. This research chemical has an ever growing fan base because of its resemblance to the famous methamphetamine. Yes methiopropamine for sale imitates the effects of crystal meth and also other amphetamines. However, it does not belong to the class of either amphetamines or phenetylamine. The complex nature of this chemical hence makes it a substance with huge potential in different scientific fields. Forensics and chemical researchers usually buy MPA online to further their research. Also, many users buy methiopropamine to get high. This last set actually has the largest market of people who buy MPA drug online. MPA goes by many other names like methedrene and syndrax. Chemical formula for methedrene C8H13NS and molar mass of 155.26g/mol.