Potassium Cyanide Pills 10mg


Potassium cyanide pills for sale

Potassium cyanide 10mg pills for sale remain one of the most popular forms of cyanide available today. This potassium cyanide also known as KCN comes in pills of 10mg. Potassium cyanide in its powder form looks like sugar. It equally has no color and very easily dissolves in water. However, this chemical compound is inorganic, very toxic and poisonous. Jewelers and miners often buy potassium cyanide for handling precious stones and in gold mining. It equally has use in the electroplating industry. People who deal with insects also use KCN to kill insects in collecting jars. It keeps the tissue of the specimen intact. Nonetheless, due to its poisonous nature, people buy potassium cyanide 10mg pills for suicide. Order Potassium cyanide today and enjoy our first grade products.